While not always a necessity, removing old insulation from your home can yield significant improvements in air quality and overall quality of life within your living space. The most common reasons for addressing old insulation include water damage and rodent activity, both of which may lead to soiled or damaged insulation. These issues should be diligently resolved by a professional before considering insulation removal or the installation of new insulation, as neglecting these problems may lead to further damage to the new material.

Our insulation removal process is not only safe but also efficient, backed by a 100% guarantee. We ensure the complete removal of loose-fill or batt insulation in and around various areas such as knee walls, skylights, attic floors, and ceilings. The insulation that is removed is methodically loaded and safely discarded without causing any harm to your property. To maintain a clean living space, our industrial insulation removal vacuums are positioned outside your home, and our crew takes measures to prevent dust and debris from affecting your living environment.

Customers who have opted to remove old insulation from their attic spaces have reported a noticeable and immediate enhancement in air quality, accompanied by a significant reduction in dust and the presence of mold or mildew odors. While the removal of attic insulation doesn't always translate to a boost in home energy performance, it's important to note that most old insulation materials tend to lose their installed R-values over time, often due to settling, rodent activity, or the normal wear and tear experienced in the attic. Consequently, replacing the aged, compacted insulation with new fiberglass insulation can potentially lead to more effective energy conservation efforts in your home.

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