Removing the old insulation in your home is not always necessary, but can drastically improve air quality and over-all quality of life in your living space. Water damage and rodent activity are the most common causes of soiled or damaged insulation. These issues should be properly addressed by a professional before removing or installing new insulation, to prevent further damage to new material.

Our removal process is safe, quick, and 100% guaranteed. We ensure a complete removal of loose filled or batted insulation in and around knee walls, sky lights, attic floors and ceilings. Insulation removed will be loaded and discarded safely and without damage done to your property. Our industrial insulation removal vacuums are placed outside your home, and our crew will ensure dust and debris do not interfere with your living space.

Customers who have removed old insulation from their attic space have reported a significant and immediate increase in air quality and a dramatic decrease in dust and mold or mildew smells. Not always will removing insulation from your attic result in a higher home energy performance, but most old insulation materials do lose their installed R-Values over time due to settling, rodent activity, or normal attic wear and tear. As a result, replacing old settled insulation with new fiberglass insulation could yield more productive energy conservation efforts in your home!

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